DanilleFinalDanielle Slusarski – Maid of Honor

As Briana’s older sister, Danielle was instrumental in all aspects of her life from dressing her up in silly clothes as a kid to becoming her role model and trusted confidant as an adult. Danielle currently serves dual-roles not only as an older sister but also an amazing landlord to Briana who is currently bunking at the Slusarski household while she and Tom search for a house.

Danielle has a strong egg sandwich game and shares Briana’s priorities for starting off the morning right with a good breakfast. Briana’s thankful that she gets to enjoy her last few single days at her sister’s.


Venessa Moen – Bridesmaid

Venessa and Briana became friends through their involvement in both volleyball and basketball while at Eastview High School.  Both girls went off to college and continued on in sports; Venessa played basketball for the University of Minnesota Duluth. One of Briana’s favorite things about Venessa is that they both can lead a busy life yet their friendship always picks up right where it left off whenever they hang out next.

Today Venessa and her husband Aaron live in Stillwater together with their adorable daughter Bella.

ShannonFinalShannon Stemper – Bridesmaid

Shannon and Briana met through softball but spent just as much time together off the field as they did on it. Both of them knew it was a perfect match when they were able to successfully coordinate bedspreads in their dorm room freshman year at the U of M (naturally Shannon’s was pink and Bri’s was blue). Throughout softball, college, a summer in Europe and the past year and a half living downtown together Shannon and Briana have become the best of friends with far too many stories to share.

No matter how opposite Shannon and Briana’s tastes may be, they both share a love of adventure, loyalty and trust in each other. Briana’s so happy that Shannon is not only a great friend but an amazing Vegas companion.

AAliFinalli Johnson – Bridesmaid

Ali and Briana became fast friends when playing summer softball together and spending most all of their weekends hanging out at tournaments. As they moved into High School their friendship only strengthened as they attended sporting events, dances and ran through the school’s sprinklers together on hot summer nights. Not only is Ali a great friend but her family has become good friends with the Hassett’s over the years. Briana’s favorite memory with Ali is when they took a road trip from Minnesota to Pennsylvania when Ali brought the infamous SunFire out to college. Their trip together was filled with lots of adventures and some interesting pit stops along the way.
Ali now lives in Apple Valley with her husband Nick and adorable dog Memphis.

B+TSara Schwartz – Bridesmaid

Sara is the eldest Daymont child, and she takes the older role to heart. She is a teacher in the western suburbs where she, her husband Mike and their two kids Joey and Zack live.

Sara is an avid marathoner and loves spending time in their neighborhood with her kids. One of Briana’s favorite memories with the Daymont children is when they took all took a trip out to San Francisco and spent time sailing in the bay and wine tasting in Wine Country.

B+TMegan Thomas – Bridesmaid

Megan is the middle sibling of the Daymont children. She, like her siblings went to St. Olaf where she was a standout runner for the Oles. She now lives in Eden Prairie and has two beautiful twins named Parker (boy) and Quinn (girl).

While there are many reasons Briana is excited to have Megan in her family, selfishly one of the best reasons is that Megan is a talented cookie maker and decorator. She’s shared her secrets with us and we enjoy making them together.


PeteFinalPete Christensen – Best Man

Tom grew up in the same neighborhood as Pete in Northfield and they have spent the majority of their soccer careers on the same team. Pete’s strong right foot has made him the favorite teammate of Tom’s since Pete was always willing to kick it to the corner for Tom to chase. (This was of course back in the day when Tom was fast).

Pete is one of the smartest people Tom knows and it’s one of the reason he likes discussing everything from politics to sports to business ideas with Pete.  Pete was also the first person Tom told about this amazing girl he met at work, and as such, is terrified about the upcoming Best Man speech in June.

GreggFinalGregg Larson – Groomsman

Tom sat next to Gregg during his first day at Best Buy, and the two hit it off right away. While their personalities differ greatly, they share many common interests, from tinkering with electronics, to board games. Even though Gregg left Best Buy last year for greener pastures at 3M, Tom and Gregg still make time to hang out and build LEGO sets.

Gregg will also be celebrating his birthday on June 27th, so make sure to wish him Happy Birthday on the big day.

CharlieFinalCharlie Engh – Groomsman

Tom met Charlie their freshman year at St. Olaf, where his dorm room was just down the hall. Tom overlooked Charlie’s weak Halo skills (a video game) and remained good friends with Charlie all four years in college. Charlie lived with Jake and Tom their Junior and Senior years.

After Tom moved back from Chicago, Charlie and Tom lived together again in St. Paul and eventually Tom convinced him to move west to the Uptown Neighborhood. These days you can find Charlie hitting the gym, singing karaoke at the VFW or working at Ameriprise Financial.

JakeFinalJake Olsen – Groomsman

Tom didn’t meet Jake until sophomore year in college, since Jake didn’t go out for soccer his freshman year. Jake and Tom spent the majority of their sophomore year playing Tiger Woods 2004 on Xbox and getting into minor trouble. They played soccer three years together at St. Olaf, including winning the 2004 MIAC championship. Tom enjoys finding time to go skiing and mountain biking with Jake when they can find time.

They lived together their Junior and Senior years in extremely close quarters. Jake hasn’t been able to stay away from St. Olaf where he is now the head Alpine Ski Coach.

MikeFinalMike Schwartz – Groomsman

Mike is the husband of Tom’s sister, Sara. Tom first met Mike at the Olive Garden in Burnsville at the same time Mike was meeting his future in-laws. Tom asked Mike what his intentions were for Sara, and he must have gave an acceptable answer, because Tom allowed them to get married. They’ve been together for 8 years and they have two wonderful Children.

Mike and Tom share an interest in sports, Halloween and poking fun of Sara. Mike and Sara currently live waaaaay out west (Tom thinks it’s far away) where he is an excellent Chiropractor. He’s been a great addition to the family.

Matt Tiano – Groomsman

Matt and Tom have known each other for a long time, but didn’t become good friends until Tom moved back to Minneapolis several years ago. Matt is always one of the first to jump in when planning a trip or an event, which makes him an excellent counterpart for Tom and his ideas.

Matt currently works and lives in downtown Minneapolis with his wonderful dog Stella.

Kyle Slusarski – Usher

Kyle is married to Bri’s sister and Maid of Honor, Danielle. Kyle is an avid golfer and hockey player.

Kyle is extremely handy around the house, as is evidence by the amazing updates Danielle and Kyle have made to their house in Bloomington. Kyle works in IT downtown for Valspar Paint.

BrandonFinalBrandon Rosamond – Usher

Brandon and Tom met during their first day at Best Buy. He, Gregg, and Tom were all in the same training class. Brandon moved to Minnesota from Atlanta and he never lets you forget it.

Brandon recently got engaged to his fiance Taylor, whom he lives with in South Minneapolis.